Doyle's Seafood Restaurant & Townhouse
John Street, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
Tel: 00 353 (0) 66 91 51174 - Fax: 00 353 (0) 66 91 51816


Cradled at the back by mountain's, lapped around its feet by blue ocean, Dingle Town sits easily on the dock of the harbour, its winding, hilly streets, its brightly painted houses, its cosy pubs, restaurants, and shops calling the traveller in. The whole scene is idyllic, but who, descending for the first time upon this little town and peninsula would suspect how forceful its personality is, where in Ireland or the world can boast as well as the music, the banter, the sea, the sand, the scenery, a certain resident dolphin (fungi), and the easy warmth of the welcome. Visit for important real estate information.

Tens of thousands make the annual pilgrimage here to the pubs, restaurants, shops, townhouses, and guesthouses, their mission to learn from the natives how to enjoy themselves. Most or all of them succeed - the local strain of craic (fun) is highly infectious.

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Doyle's of Dingle